Monday 18 July 2005

The coming fiasco

Read this if you want to know how the London Olympics will pan out.

For example:

When foreign athletes win, their national anthems will be played, but when a British athlete wins something, every other country's national anthem will be played instead of ours, to avoid causing offence to the rest of the world.
I fear it will be much worse.

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David Farrer said...

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I think it's an offence against humanity for British athletes to compete. We will be the host nation, after all, unless there's any way to ditch the deal between now and then, and it would be rude for the host to compete against the visitors.

27 July 2005, 03:03:46 GMT+01:00
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Wouldn't it be simpler for the British athletes not to win, thereby maximising the rest of the world's self-esteem?

23 July 2005, 19:19:35 GMT+01:00
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