Friday 30 December 2005

Don't mention the war

Edinburgh is full of tourists at this time of the year. And we've got to make them feel welcome:
A group of travelling actors is taking centre stage in an effort to show those in the tourist industry how to improve their hospitality skills.

They are using a series of Basil Fawlty-style scenes in which holidaymakers are faced with rude and apathetic hotel staff.

The courses are targeted at hoteliers and leisure staff in Scotland.

But would the course help when faced with this situation?

(UPDATE: It occurs to me that it was a bit remiss of the Consul to have been in Scotland for 14 months without having visited a pub. Aren’t these guys meant to get to know the local culture? Of course, I could never be a diplomat in Tokyo. Raw fish! Ugh.)

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David Farrer said...

Comments made on previous template:

I think it was a huge cultural misunderstanding to throw them out when they were sleepy. If they had an opportunity to hang around Japanese people they would realise that the Japanese get sleepy when they are bored far more than any other people I've encountered. I am not sure if this is a cultural or physical difference but that's what happens.  
When you go on the train in Japan there are full of sleepy Japanese, in bars, sleepy Japanese, on long bus journeys, sleepy Japanese, in long business meetings, sleepy Japanese. I've had strange Japenese people fall asleep on my shoulder on the bus in Hawaii, it's just they way they are.

31 December 2005, 11:07:44 GMT