Thursday 22 December 2005

Tell me it's April 1st

Surely it must be. But no, I'm afraid that this is what we've come to expect:
Ministers have told councils, health boards and social work departments that they should compile a "smokers' map" of Scotland, focusing on those who regularly receive visits from officials and carers. This would identify individual households where a smoker is resident.

The smokers would then be sent letters asking them not to smoke for one hour before a council worker or health worker called round.

And isn't this hilarious:
Mike Rumbles, a Liberal Democrat MSP on the parliament's health committee, said: "This is politically correct nonsense, it is political correctness gone mad. We have a good law to prevent passive smoking harming people by banning smoking in enclosed public places. Public places, not private spaces. What is the Executive doing getting involved in people's homes?"
Mike old chap, this is not an example of "political correctness gone mad". This is exactly what political correctness is all about: the deliberate destruction of all of our traditional liberties and the imposition of the values of the enemy class. And guess what? Mike's own "Liberal" party has been at the forefront of that destruction. That's hardly surprising given that the Liberal Democrats are now merely the political wing of unionised town hall apparatchiks and have almost nothing to do with liberty.

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David Farrer said...

Comments made on previous template:

Don't smoke tobacco myself. Of all the drugs I ever tried it made the least sense to me. I'd buy a pack special and set out lit ones an hour in advance of said visit.

26 December 2005, 05:52:55 GMT
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Wild Pegasus
Smoking, no. Cattle prods, yes! 
- Josh

26 December 2005, 05:04:16 GMT
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Kenny McCormack
Neil Craig, 
I read the posting on A Place To Stand, that is absolutely shocking! 
But I am fascinated; please do let your readers know what 'illiberal & irreconcilable' things they accuse you of posting. 
I notice it is under Clause C11(b) of the Scottish Party Constitution (my bold).

23 December 2005, 22:58:05 GMT
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Robert Hale
How long before a council/housing association tenant gets lobbed out for smoking in their flat?

23 December 2005, 12:24:33 GMT
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Neil Craig
I must admit to checking the masthead to make sure it wasn't something like April 1st. This is so bloody silly. 
Last year I was the only person to speak at the Scot Liberal democrat conference directly against the smoking ban on the grounds that the evidence is mince (to be fair some others spoke for roughly the English compromise). 
I have some interesting news on my blog about the my relationship with the Lib Dems.

22 December 2005, 14:26:40 GMT
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Andrew Ian Dodge
Yes this is pretty bad. I am not sure I would react to some jumped up little noxious turd trying to lecture me for having a cigar in my own flat once and a while.  
Nice to a LD waking up to this crap...a wee bit late mind.

22 December 2005, 12:17:32 GMT
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Duncan S
When I saw that story this morning, my blood pressure started to rise swiftly: then I read this story in the Independent and my blood pressure went through the roof. 
What has happened to the country I grew up in? Is it any wonder that the Famous Five has topped a poll to find the most popular children's book? Are we all harking back to the days of our youth when every man's home was his castle?

22 December 2005, 11:41:49 GMT