Sunday 18 December 2005

Summoned by Big Brother

Have you ever wondered why so few Scots want to become entrepreneurs, at least here in Scotland itself?

Think no more:

Alex Neil, convener of the enterprise and culture committee, has backed a demand by SNP culture spokesman Michael Matheson that Scottish Television and Grampian explain their actions to the parliament. Neil said that the committee should investigate in the context of the recent closure of the Scottish Daily Mirror, job losses at the Scotsman Publications group and the predicted 300 job cuts at BBC Scotland.
Imagine risking everything to start a business. You give up a regularly paid job. Perhaps you borrow against the equity of your home. Amazingly, even the endless stream of red tape doesn't stop you from chasing your dream. And then, very likely because of the actions of spendthrift politicians, you have to cut back and fire some of your employees. Then what? Those very same politicians have the nerve to haul you into their presence and "explain your actions". To hell with them.

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David Farrer said...

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Michael Gill
Might not this demand to "explain their actions to the parliament" be an opportunity? 
Perhaps it would do some good if these meddlesome twits were told straight out how they shared culpability for these layoffs?

21 December 2005, 02:48:35 GMT
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Who in his righ mind thinks "enterprise and culture' ought to be in the same sentence? 
Likewise, 'enterprise' & 'committee'. 
Also, what is it with the term 'convener' that gives it such currency up north? The only thing I can see in its favour is it's gender neutrality.

20 December 2005, 10:48:19 GMT
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Andrew Ian Dodge
Wouldn't it be great if the company in question told them to get knotted and mind their own business?

19 December 2005, 12:56:10 GMT
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The Bagged Bear
Presumably they have no power to compel witnesses to attend...or do they?

19 December 2005, 03:03:06 GMT
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Kenny McCormack
The problem isn't helped by having anti business parties as both the government and the opposition. They both pay lipservice to enterprise while actually devising policies that thwart it. 
If only Alex Neil & comrades were as concerned about Scotland shameful levels of economic growth as were about exercising their authoritarian instincts to drag people before them to "explain their actions to the parliament". If they fixed the economy they would not have these sorts of problems to begin with.

18 December 2005, 23:00:05 GMT