Wednesday, 28 December 2005

Walking tax

Well, not quite:
Walkers using the West Highland Way could be asked to pay £1 a day to help fund improvements to the popular route.
Note that "asked". It's not the usual ZaNu Lab "We're asking (sic) [some of] you to contribute (sic) more to public (sic) services (sic) by paying a bit (sic) more in tax". They really mean it this time - the proposal is to ask people to pay a voluntary contribution towards the upkeep of the walkway. And what's wrong with that?

Here it comes:

However, the Ramblers' Association Scotland has expressed concern at the proposal saying such a scheme could undermine the principles of Scotland's land reform legislation.
As far as I'm concerned, anything that undermines the "license to trespass" legislation is to be welcomed.

And what about this comment:

"I think it should be funded as it's a tourist attraction. Plenty of people along the way get lots of revenue from it."
That "funded" is the giveaway. It's the weasel word par excellence. What is meant is this: tax any private business in the area, whether it's got anything to do with tourism or not, but for God's sake don't ask the LibDem rambling classes to pay a penny.

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