Sunday, 7 September 2003


The Blogger system was "Facing a Denial of Service Attack" yesterday - whatever that means. That's why my blog was unobtainable for about 12 hours.

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David Farrer said...

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David Farrer (
Thanks Stephen. I do plan a move from Blogspot at some time in the future.

8 September 2003, 05:16:08 GMT+01:00
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Stephen Hodgson (
A 'denial of service' attack typically refers to one or more systems bombarding another system or a network with data in an attempt to overload that system and cause it to fail. In the case of a webserver, a denial of service attack (AKA DoS or DDoS, for Distributed Denial of Service attack), the attack tends to take the form of repeated and intensive requests for webpages - if more requests reach the server than it has resouces to cope with then it may be halted and become unable to handle any request whatsoever, at which stage it has effectively been knocked off the Internet and the attacker has achieved his goal. 
Alternatively, Blogspot/Blogger may just have had some technical difficulities they weren't prepared to take responsibity for. 
'Freedom and Whisky' deserves a more secure and reliable place on the Internet than what is provided by Blogspot.

8 September 2003, 05:01:09 GMT+01:00