Tuesday, 2 September 2003

The running dogs of libertarianism

It seems that only Eastern German shepherd dogs are the real thing:
Heiko Münzer, who runs a dog training school, has produced a video in which he claims only those hounds born in the former East Germany are worthy of their pedigree.
Indeed. Those westerners just don't have the right stuff:
"The majority of western shepherd dogs are real sleepy-heads. Only a made-in-the-DDR shepherd has real courage, hardness, resilience." So where did eastern version’s Rambo instinct hail from? "Simple," he says. "In the DDR they were used by the people’s army, the police and as watchdogs. In the west they have over the years merely become house pets. Breeders have diluted their genes."
I present here a photograph of the Freedom and Whisky editorial team that was taken on Christmas morning. The dog blogger - second from the right - was born at the Edinburgh airport gift shop and therefore qualifies as an easterner. Have you seen a more fearsome canine?