Monday, 29 September 2003

The left hand doesn't know what the other left hand is doing

Last week the Scottish education minister announced the scrapping of school league tables. League tables! Information for parents! My goodness, that kind of thing is far too "divisive".

It now turns out that Mr Peacock has run into a small problem:

However, the newly appointed Scottish information commissioner, Kevin Dunion, has now said that restricting parents’ access to information would be in breach of the government’s own legislation - the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act.

The law, which comes into effect on 1 January, 2005, gives the public the right to see any information held by public bodies unless its release jeopardises national security or the public interest

Presumably the government will claim that exposing the abject failure of the state education system is against the "public interest" and indeed probably threatens national security.

Let's get the state out of the education business once and for all. That day may be nearer than one may think if this article is anything to go by.

Incidentally, why does Judith Gillespie of the Scottish Parent Teacher Council (sic) always support the interests of the producer class and never those of education's consumers?