Sunday, 7 September 2003

Out of the mouths of children...

Doesn't this make you feel sorry for Tony Blair?
In a tumultuous day, the Prime Minister arrived to a chorus of disapproval from a section of the 20,000 crowd sitting near the Royal Enclosure at the Highland games.
And it got worse:
Blair’s day went from bad to worse when 12-year-old Erin MacAlpine, who was chosen to present flowers to the Queen, refused to smile at the Prime Minister and described him as a "nasty man".
And she remained in an unforgiving mood when spoken to later, saying: "The Queen thanked me for the flowers and asked me where I was from. I like the Queen. She looked lovely and she smiled at me.

"But I don’t like Tony Blair. He is not a very nice man."

Have we found the new Margaret Thatcher?