Thursday, 11 September 2003

Hair today and gone tomorrow

Rival businesses are battling it out in Edinburgh.

My friendly neighbourhood pub has a notice board that is patronised by local traders seeking customers. Two prominent advertisers are Haymarket Barbers and George and Jim's Barbers. Some of the competing ads have been defaced: one of the salons apparently offers "pubic haircuts" by special appointment....

The rivalry is explained by looking at this ad:

"Barbers George and Jim have left Haymarket Barbers and are now situated directly across the road at 33 Dalry Road"
Well today at lunchtime the Haymarket Barbers guy came in and placed one of his leaflets on the board. He then sneakily removed the George and Jim ad. Sadly for him one of the regulars drew this to the attention of the barmaid and she not only made him replace his rival's ad but also refused to allow his own one to be displayed.

"I'll complain to the manager about this," he said.

"Do it," the barmaid replied.

"In fact I'll write to the district manager," he responded.

"Why don't you write to the Prime Minister? He'll sort it out," said one of the drinkers.

Mr Haymarket stormed out and we all laughed.

This sort of chaos will be avoided once Gordon Brown takes over and establishes the Ministry of Haircuts. Taxes of course will not be cut.