Tuesday, 2 September 2003

Voting reforms

The statist Scottish Nationalists want to introduce yet another law:
Scots will be fined if they refuse to vote in future elections under plans being considered by the Scottish National Party.

A leaked copy of the Nationalists’ conference agenda reveals that the party is to examine the controversial option to address chronically low turnout at the polls in recent elections north of the Border.

At least one problem has been identified:
But making voting compulsory would prove highly controversial, not least among those who want their refusal to go to polling stations to serve as a protest about their disenchantment with politics.
And the solution:
The insider said: "There is a fair chance the motion will be passed because it’s just calling on our national assembly to make recommendations on the issue. It is legitimate to argue that voting should be compulsory as long as there is an opt-out for someone who wants to protest. That could mean voters would be given the chance to positively abstain."
That's all very well but what happens if the positive protesters actually "win" an election? Surely then the political position in question should not be filled. Let's take this line of thought further. Why can't we vote for the salary (if any) that the winner (if any) will receive?