Friday, 12 September 2003

Poor judgement

Aren't politicians stupid sometimes? One of Edinburgh's MPs is complaining that our judges are not sufficiently diverse:
The Edinburgh North and Leith MP said: "The new appointment system has been running for over a year and has not produced the diversity of judicial appointments we hoped. They’re still mainly middle-class and white."
Hasn't it occurred to Mr Lazarowicz that all people holding the necessary qualifications to become judges are by definition middle-class (or higher) no matter what their family background? I also think it rather peculiar that this Member of Parliament hasn't noticed that over 98% of the Scottish population is white. This is not to say that our judges don't make spectacular errors; they do. But these mistakes are usually the result of pandering to political correctness of the sort promoted by, well, Labour MPs like Mr Lazarowicz.