Wednesday 26 May 2004

New Scottish Political Party

I have been sent this information about the Scottish Enterprise Party. Their website should be active in June.

Coming up fast on the inside lane is a new right of centre Scottish political party to re-home lost souls in an ever increasingly Socialist la la land.

WHY? The CONSERVATIVE & UNIONIST PARTY. Apart from being unlikely to be forgiven in a generation or more for throwing our fishing industry to the European Union Wolves and trialing the Poll Tax on Scotland against the Treaty Of Union illegally they are basically invisible, off the Scottish political radar, and discredited.

The SNP. Were they not the ones the Labour party jibed at because they were the 'Tartan Tories'. Yes indeed they were but not anymore nor have they been for a long time because now they are seriously into Socialism and rather too busy competing for the same voters as Labour and the SSP, how smart is that. Another example of divide and rule - some strategy, but wherefore poor Scotland meantime?, Well she is stuck in the EU and the SNP want to keep her there by trading Westminster for Bruxxels - "Independence in Europe". no doubt there is some logic in that but it is buried too deep for lesser mortals to comprehend.

The LABOUR. See SNP above, plus also just another UK Unionist branch party in thrall to the numpty brigade. A world beater of an original policy from Dear Leader McConnell, ' encourage immigration overseas people ' to underpin our ageing population. Perhaps improving conditions so that our own smart, innovative, enterprising and educated STAY here rather than leave would possible make more sense but then that means sorting out the mess and slaughtering some sacred Socialist cows. Does the First Minister imagine for one tiny minute that any smart, innovative, enterprising intelligent people he seems to want to attract will not give us the once over before committing themselves and more to the point also probably ask themselves the question, 'why are so may smart intelligent, innovative and enterprising intelligent Scots leaving in the first place?' Answer in a word "Socialism".

SCOTTISH SOCIALISTS. Should this not read 'SCOTTISH COMMUNISTS'. Why the need to be coy about it? They say ever village has its idiot, well if Scotland could be regarded as the metaphorical village then the SSP must surely rank as the metaphorical village idiots.

GREENS. More Socialists but happily flitting from flower to flower in la la land, made all the easier on the salaries they get from the Scottish taxpayer. Better just to draw a discrete veil over them so that they can come up with more radical and valuable policies like 'same sex marriages'.

CASUAL OBSERVATION . In the absence of a single example, anywhere in the world, of a successfully operating Socialist economy , current or previously, what precisely is it that these people see or know that the rest of us have missed? Perhaps we should be told by the Brothers and Comrades because if it such good news one would imagine that they have a duty to share it with their fellow countrymen and then we can all pull together and all of us can then be able to afford our own sun beds.

AND QUERY. The SSP, LABOUR, GREENS and the SNP have some great ideas on projects to which funds will be allocated however unless we have missed something somewhere could we someday hopefully learn and be enlightened by any one or all of them as to where these funds will be forthcoming to pay for it all?. It wouldn't by any chance happen to be the Taxpayer would it, i.e. you and me? The Liberal Democrats on the other hand agree with all of the above today but under pressure tomorrow will agree to something else - as in the meek shall inherit the earth, if that's OK with you chaps. Last but not least the Conservatives have given the current situation a little more though and have added the prefix 'Scottish' to their name whilst functioning here in the run-up to this election or the next or for as long as it is expedient.

A functioning website at is planned to be up and running by early June. Meantime enquiries, comment, support and of course the probable batch of incoherent anti rhetoric to The SEP will however do its best to stick to a realistic agenda to support individuals and companies to achieve their potential for the benefit of the Scottish Nation by promoting less taxation, repatriated tax collection, less bureaucracy in our lives and promoting Scottish culture and heritage, for a start we wouldn't take years to provide statutory support for the Gaelic language, it would be done right away as too support for Doric if demanded.

Finally NO EURO and OUT OF THE EU, yesterday would be nice but we will settle for tomorrow.

Can I leave you with a couple of interesting little facts. Recently coming to light from the Socialist government of Germany due to the Germans having the highest unemployment of under 25's in the EU a recent law was passed by Herr Schroder's government which is designed to address this problem [ their heart is in the right place ]. All companies, businesses and firms in Germany with 15 or more employees MUST employ and train one under 25 and so forth in any other multiples of 15. Another law was also recently passed legalising Brothels throughout Germany, OK you are ahead of me, those of you who haven't worked it go and lay down in a dark room until you do. That folks is just one example of the EU which Blair et al wants us to be "at the heart of", maybe we should pass on this especially when Hans Fischler the EU's Fisheries Minister is from Austria which when anyone last looked at an Atlas hasn't got a maritime coast but heh it isn't a perfect world is it? Why bother its only the Scottish fisheries industry and PEOPLE who will suffer.


David Farrer said...

Comments made on previous template:

Andrew Ian Dodge (
Wow Stuart you really have no clue what the BNP is really about do you? They admire and try to emulate the National Socialists not the Conservatives. Or is your way of thinking that no one from the left can be a racist?  
How is being keen on less immigration racist? It is perfectly acceptable to wish for fewer immigrants from an economic point of view. Especially if you are specific about what type of immigrants are acceptable (ie skill sets that are lacking).

4 June 2004, 13:25:38 GMT+01:00
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Neil (
I hereby apologise to the Scotsman & Donald Ross, their letters editor. 
The letter which I complained about them not publishing went in on Monday. 
It is worth pointing out that this letter was first submitted to the Herald. Since it specifically mentioned Glasgow this seemed a matter of propriety. 
While it is arrogant to assume that the quality of a newspaper may be judged by how willing they are to publish my views I am feeling a little arrogant towards the Herald.

1 June 2004, 23:00:08 GMT+01:00
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Neil (
Heh no dig at us Lib Dems. 
This seems to be an adequate point to put up a letter the Herald & Scotsman were kind enough not to print: 
"Being a bit of a political anorak I went to the hustings meeting held in Glasgow on Tuesday.  
Among various other things all but 2 of the candidates (Elspeth Atwooll /Lib Dem & more equivocally Alan Smyth/SNP) came out firmly against a growing economy. Even Struan Stevenson/Con, from whose party we might expect more stodgy common sense weighed in with the opinion that it just allowed the Chinese to buy more of our concrete rather than conveniently starving as they used to.  
Economic growth is just another way of saying that we all have a little more money in our pockets year by year. The SSP representative even said how much he hoped his party would one day be in a position to role back ALL the progress "capitalist" society has made in the last 2 centuries - which takes us back to a time of no running water & a life expectancy of 40.  
A growing economy & thus more personal wealth for all of us may not guarantee happiness but it allows us to be miserable in comfort - something not available throughout most of human history. 
There was a time when politicians were, at least publically, committed to reducing poverty. This matters more to the really poor of Shettleston who are thereby robbed of a future than to the chattering classes of Hyndland who already have it. Nonetheless it shows a contempt for ordinary people among the political class that they feel it proper to make people's lives harder. 
Yours Faithfully 
Neil Craig" 
Personally I think calling the SSP communists is over kind. Any party whose representative is sufficiently moronic to call for the destruction of all the economic progress of the last 200 years must have Marx spinning in Highgate.

31 May 2004, 00:10:45 GMT+01:00
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Stuart Dickson (
Their entrance onto the scene is to be thoroughly welcomed. Like the New Party, The UKIP, the BNP and the various Christian parties they will detract a few tens of votes from the Tories in each constituency. That should be enough to wipe the single Scottish Tory MP from the results of next year's General Election, even with a swing to the Tories (unlikely, but possible). 
Hilarious stuff. Except for the anti-immigrant bit. We can do with less racists in politics, not more.

26 May 2004, 15:45:39 GMT+01:00
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David Farrer said...

Steve Shackleton (
As Scotland are vying with Wales to be the last bastion of Socialism, I do not think that success will follow. 
However if they can either move to or start an English party that believes in small goverment and freedom then let me know 
Life liberty and property rights - lets here it for the LLP

26 May 2004, 12:48:54 GMT+01:00
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Andrew Duffin (
Judging by the language either (1) these people are all swivel-eyed loons or (2) it's a hoax. 
My money's on the latter. 
The Tories can relax I reckon - at least, as far as this concerned.

26 May 2004, 12:12:52 GMT+01:00
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Young Fogey (
Socialist economy that worked in the past - Sweden until it was all killed off by the precautionary principle.

26 May 2004, 11:41:28 GMT+01:00
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David Crookes (
Interesting, though I hope their public PR is proof-read for grammatical errors.

26 May 2004, 11:31:34 GMT+01:00