Monday 25 July 2005

Have you seen this woman?

As if the police didn't have enough to worry about these days, along comes this:
POLICE are appealing for help to find a naked woman who has gone missing from her Borders home.
Helpfully, we have been given this useful description:
She is described as slim, with short gingery brownish hair.
So if you see any:
fat naked women,
any longhaired naked women,
any blonde naked women,
there's absolutely no need to bother the authorities at all.

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David Farrer said...

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Neil Craig
you make a fair point & in retrospect my response here was very Benny Hillish. 
On the other hand nothing said here is actually going to affect the woman & Benny Hill was a very funny, if not exactly deep, show. The world is the poorer in that PCness, which is inherently humourless, is running rampant. 
At a slight tangent did anybody see the highbrow review of ITV comedy last week which ended up, after explaining that Mind Your Language & Benny Hill were killed as not being PC (the same seems to apply to Men Behaving Badly which the BBC took on) & being unable to explain why ITV haven't got any comedy shows now.

29 July 2005, 23:42:50 GMT+01:00
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Verity, for all I know it is those of us who make robust(oh all right, juvenile) jokes about her story who would be likeliest to treat her with kindness if we found her. Do you have any evidence to the contrary?

28 July 2005, 10:54:27 GMT+01:00
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I hope 'anyone who comes across her' has a supply of tissues.

28 July 2005, 08:18:45 GMT+01:00
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Meanwhile, there is a frightened, disoriented individual who needs assistance from anyone who comes across her and does regard her as a sexual joke.

27 July 2005, 02:56:44 GMT+01:00
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Dearieme kinda beat me to it. I was going to point out that few women are plonde when naked.

27 July 2005, 02:45:18 GMT+01:00
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Neil Craig
"POLICE are appealing for help to find a naked woman" 
Me to.

26 July 2005, 20:51:29 GMT+01:00
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Or tell us which hair they are referring to?

26 July 2005, 15:11:22 GMT+01:00
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Perhaps if they provided a photograph, it would help?

26 July 2005, 07:25:17 GMT+01:00