Thursday 15 December 2005


Posts will continue to be few and far between for the next week or so. This has been caused by an unexpected increase in demand for my paid services. Got to keep that cash flowing in ready for the next tax rise.

(I have in mind this sort of thing.)

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David Farrer said...

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Yet another parliamentary watchdog despairs at the waste in England and Wales.  
"NEARLY half of all councils are failing to give taxpayers good value for money, a damning report by the Audit Commission has found."

15 December 2005, 20:59:04 GMT
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Bill (Scotland)
I'm all for enlightened management strategies, but it strikes me that this kind of thing would lead to uproar at the next AGM of any commercial enterprise. Unfortunately in some (i.e. large) parts of Scotland the voters would vote for a dead fish always provided it sported a red rose - and they often do just that. No doubt you have read about the Scottish Parliament's finance committee's recent report about expected above-target rises in our council taxes next April, high-lighting the Scottish Executive's lack of evenhandedness in requiring 'cost cutting' when it comes to its own departments as compared with councils - obviously Fife Council has gone badly off-message

15 December 2005, 09:10:55 GMT