Monday 27 November 2006

Back home

Mrs F&W and I have been away in London since last Wednesday. We were down there to attend the annual conference of the Libertarian Alliance as well as doing some tourist-type of things, not having lived in London since early in 2002.

On Wednesday evening we met up with our friend and fellow LA member David Ellams and went along to the Lamb for some Young's. We then realised that we were just round the corner from 18 Doughty Street, popped round there, and met Iain Dale. He invited me to appear on that night's show but I was far too tired to stay up late enough.

I must say that London seemed busier, noisier and more chaotic than I was expecting during this visit - my longest since moving to Edinburgh. We took a trip out to Ealing where we had lived for several years. The population out there seemed to be far more diverse than it was five years ago, with many more Asians and East Europeans. And the West End was very crowded on Thursday evening when we went to see The Mousetrap - how touristy is that?

Friday saw me going to the wonderful Grays of Westminster camera shop that specialises in Nikon equipment. It was time for a new flashgun in readiness for the start of the conference on Saturday.

At the conference, the Libertarian Alliance announced the opening of its own blog and we hope that many of the contributions will link to the vast number of publications that the LA has generated over the years.

Photos of the conference will follow.

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David Farrer said...

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Chris A
I'm not really impressed by the LA. 
Don't get me wrong, I think they do good work. But surely more could be done to reach out to people and build more of a community of libertarians in this country. 
There must be quite a few libertarian-leaning people who possess a distrust of big government in the UK. Why isn't anything being done to reach out to such people, so they know they aren't alone in their thoughts and that others share their viewpoints? Such people could be turned away from libertarianism, if they are unable to connect with other holding similar views. 
It seems to me that only politically aware or computer savvy people hold much knowledge of the LA, at present. Clearly the British libertarian movement needs a more comprehensive policy of outreach.

27 November 2006, 15:25:34 GMT