Sunday 19 November 2006


I have added some new links to the blogroll.

First, there is the Paleo Blog, which is "Dedicated to the late Murray Rothbard". Murray wasn't right about everything, but I did once have the honour of chauffeuring him to the home of John Blundell, now head of the IEA. Murray was right about most things.

Next we have Cobbett Rides Again, whose title is self-explanatory.

Then there is Tartan Hero, an SNP blog from Glasgow.

Finally, I've included the now world famous Councillor Terry Kelly who for some extraordinary reason seems to think that I control the Devil!

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David Farrer said...

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Terry Kelly
There is no difference between Libertarianism and Toryism. They both screw the working class.

21 November 2006, 08:16:39 GMT
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David Farrer
It's good to keep an eye on the other side and let others know what we're up against. I notice that there's been a huge increase in Cllr. Kelly's hits recently. It's seems likely that he's never had to confront libertarian ideas before: he certainly doesn't understand the difference between libertarianism and conservatism. Who knows, he might see the light and join us! It wouldn't be the first time.

19 November 2006, 15:54:15 GMT
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james higham
You've blogrolled Kelly?!

19 November 2006, 15:33:34 GMT