Saturday 4 November 2006

The people's dressing gown

Does the "First Minister's dressing gown" belong to the people? In a sense it does, given that Mr McConnell's income comes from the taxpayer. And now it's in the news:
The first minister has been left "very, very unhappy" after video footage showing one of his son's friends inside Bute House was posted on the internet.

The clips on the YouTube website show a young man dancing around in a bedroom wearing a dressing gown.

Like his father and mother, McConnell junior is working in the public sector so we've probably paid for the now famous gown somehow.

Inevitably, this amusing event has led to the usual cries of there ought to be a law against it:

THE issue of the invasion of privacy on the internet cannot be ignored and should be tested in court, a leading Scottish human rights lawyer said yesterday after videos of friends of Jack McConnell's son misbehaving at the First Minister's official residence were posted on the web.
A lawyer wanting another law! No conflict of interest here...

There are some good comments on the Scotsman site:

Given that citizens are continually spied on by government snoopers, the 'shock horror' exposure of a very unimportant persons son prancing around a taxpayer funded residence is a newsworthy item. If I had a copy I would post it on Youtube myself.
(Comment number 2. I also particularly like number 28)

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