Tuesday 28 November 2006


... by our man over there somewhere.

10 things I’d never do:

1. Vote for Councillor Kelly.

2. Not get blotto when Kilmarnock win the Champions League.

3. Switch from Nikon to the dark side.

4. Immediately emigrate when Scotland becomes independent.

5. Fail to diversify my investments before number 4.

6. Stop reading books even though the invention of Bloglines makes reading books almost impossible.

7. Learn Chinese - but I'd like to.

8. Trust a politician who can't explain things using double entry bookkeeping.

9. Stop shopping at Valvona and Crolla.

10. Sell Prestwick Airport - after I get it.

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David Farrer said...

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James higham
It means 'thank you'.

1 December 2006, 18:35:05 GMT
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David Farrer
Don't know, The other half usually goes there these days. I'll try and find out.

29 November 2006, 20:10:10 GMT
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David Farrer
Sounds rude.

29 November 2006, 20:08:38 GMT
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james higham
Спасибо! [Did it come out in Cyrillic on your site?]

29 November 2006, 19:15:11 GMT
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Andrew Duffin
Is it true that they've had to stop hanging hams from the ceiling because of Elf n'Safety?

29 November 2006, 12:25:15 GMT
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David Farrer
If I had the cash! Presumably I'd get a staff discount when buying my Parmesan.

29 November 2006, 06:28:22 GMT
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james higham
Would you buy Valvona and Crolla?

28 November 2006, 22:08:37 GMT