Wednesday 1 November 2006

May's a long way off

Today's Scotsman tells us that:
ALEX Salmond received a massive pre-election boost today with a new opinion poll showing a clear majority of Scots favour independence, and illustrating a significant swing from Labour to the SNP.

The Scotsman ICM poll found 51 per cent now favoured full independence with only 39 per cent against - the biggest level of support for separatism for eight years.

In a bizarre twist, the Scottish voting system could produce big gains for the SNP but those very gains could jeapardise Alex Salmond's own return to Holyrood!

But it's not all good news for the SNP:

Mr Salmond must be also wondering why his party's standing is no higher than 30 per cent, given more than half of Scots would, apparently, vote for independence in a referendum.
Presumably this is because many supporters of independence don't like the SNP's leftist policies. I've never understood why the Nationalists don't just campaign for independence rather than a particular set of policies. These polls are interesting, but the election isn't being held for another six months.

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David Farrer said...

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Neil Craig
When people are asked to choose what they think the most important policies independence comes a long way down with jobs & the economy at the top. 
I think the SNP are popular not because they are popular but because the alternatives are more unpopular. 
Independence is what lights the fire in activists but if the SNP went purely for that ignoring the economy they would do badly. Fortunately for them theyhave better economic policies than their opposition.

2 November 2006, 18:02:12 GMT
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Devil's Kitchen
Although they do seem to be attempting to position themselves as the party of small(er) government at present. 

1 November 2006, 09:37:23 GMT