Monday 19 May 2003

Enlightened Police

Some time ago I mentioned that the police forces at some UK airports had recognised the value of developing a friendly relationship with aviation enthusiasts. They realised that the aircraft spotters were more likely to notice any untoward behaviour around airports than most of the airports' own employees. Next week, the Champions League Final is being played in Manchester and you can see from this that an extraordinarily large number of extra flights are due at the city's airport. At most airports, the reaction would be to keep the public away. Not at Manchester:
Manchester Airport has been planning for the Champions League Final for almost 2 years.These plans are now at a mature state for handling huge numbers of additional passengers and aircraft movements.It is of course recognised that the event will also attract large numbers of Aviation Enthusiasts not only from Manchester but all over the UK and indeed Europe.

An aircraft movement rate of 55 movements per hour has been agreed throughout the day.Runway 2 will remain open during the normal lunch time closure period.Aircraft will be parked on Taxiways over the whole airfield. Manchester Airport will therefore cater for the needs of Aviation Enthusiasts by establishing special facilities which we trust will both be respected and enjoyed for this unique occasion:-

1.The Aviation Viewing Park. This is the best place for aviation enthusiasts to view and photograph visiting aircraft on Wednesday 28th May. Special opening times have now been agreed - The Aviation Viewing Park (located off the A538 Wilmslow Road,near the Romper Pub) will open from 06.30hrs to 21.30 hrs. A huge field adjoining the park is available for overflow car parking.3 additional fields located in the vicinity of the AVP will also be available subject to demand .Spectators will be directed to these areas if demand requires. Admission charges to the Aviation Viewing Park will not be increased for the day ie the low weekday rates will apply. 2 double deck open top busses will be located in the Viewing Park for photographers - a small admission charge will be made for entry. Exclusive photographic locations are being made available (Subject to Approval). A Special Shuttle bus will operate (The A1) from the Airport Rail Station to the Aviation Viewing Park :- Cost just £1 return. From 06.00 to 08.00 every 30 minutes from the rail station. From 08.00 to 18.00 every 15 minutes from the rail station. From 18.00 to 20.00 every 30 minutes from the rail station - last bus from the AVP departs at 20.15. Extra toilets,catering,ice cream,drinks and enthusiasts facilities including flight timetable and check lists will also be available from the AVP. Aircraft will route via Taxiway Alpha to enable photographic opportunities for enthusiasts from the AVP. Executive Jet parking will take place on Taxiways Bravo and Charlie opposite the Aviation Viewing Park. A car share scheme to The Aviation Viewing Park has been established -

2.Level 13 Multi Story Car Park Terminal 1. The Airports official Spectator Area will remain open together with The Aviation Shop and Refreshment Kiosk. Normal Car Parking rates will apply. Enthusiasts are requested to only utilise the above facilities. The Greater Manchester and Cheshire Police will strictly enforce restrictions at other areas around the airport.This is absolutely essential to ensure access for vehicular traffic associated with the Champions League Final and the Emergency Services is not prohibited. Please use and enjoy the special facilities which have been provided for you at The Aviation Viewing Park.

Well done the Greater Manchester Police for cooperating with the public. When the time comes for privatisation, they should be well able to cope.