Thursday 29 May 2003

Ve haff ways of making you laugh

A German newspaper is launching a "funniest Scottish gags" contest in connection with the forthcoming Scotland v Germany football match:
The move, which threatens to spark a tit-for-tat tasteless joke competition between the nations, was launched by Bild Zeitung, Germany’s best selling newspaper, and Coca-Cola. The fifty people who submit the best jokes about the Scots will receive a trip to Glasgow for the game.
Bild Zeitung I can understand, but Coca Cola? Perhaps they are upset that Scotland is supposedly the only country in the world in which a local soft drink outsells both Coke and Pepsi:
"The verdict is positive: Irn Bru is refreshing, oddly colored, and unique. It's only a matter of time before American eccentrics are washing down their fish and chips with its sparkling flavour."
We Scots know that the real purpose of drinking Irn Bru is to cure hangovers. And that's no joke.