Saturday 31 May 2003

Shooting themselves in the foot

McDonald's has sued an Italian critic who doesn't like its burgers:
The corporation has sued Edoardo Raspelli, a critic and commentator for the Italian newspaper La Stampa, after he compared its burgers to rubber and its fries to cardboard, in an article last year.

McDonald's is seeking undisclosed damages, possibly as much as the 21m euros (£15m; $25m) it spent on advertising in Italy last year.

Many Europeans oppose American culture and think that it is personified by the McDonald's brand. The burger company is looking for damages, possibly in the region of its €21million Italian advertising spend. In exchange for the traditional advertising agency commission of 15% (a mere 3.15million Euros), I offer McDonald's the following piece of copywriting:
We provide our excellent burgers to 600,000 Italians every day. Other countrymen of yours don't like our product. That's OK - it's called freedom of choice. It's what we Americans stand for.
I think that my campaign would help the McDonald's brand - and the image of the US - more than any lawsuit.

My commission can be paid in Big Macs or pasta - I like both.