Tuesday 6 May 2003

How about saying nothing?

Spokesmen for Scotland's business community have issued a manifesto:
SCOTLAND’S main business organisations have issued a collective manifesto of demands to First Minister Jack McConnell, after ruling he delivered nothing but idle words during the first four-year term of the Scottish Parliament.

In an unprecedented move, CBI Scotland, the Scottish Council for Development & Industry, the Scottish Chambers of Commerce, Scottish Financial Enterprise and the Institute of Directors have put their demands together in a document, insisting that the Executive has failed to ignite or support the economy and the business community.

Now, I realise that business is mightily affected by what governments get up to, but what good will come of issuing a manifesto? There is no reason to think that another Labour/Liberal Democrat coalition will be any more business friendly than the outgoing government. Instead of issuing manifestos I wonder what would happen if business leaders simply ignored the government and got on with, well, business. Don't talk to politicians, don't meet them, don't write to them and don't comment about them. Just ignore them. It's worth a try, isn't it?