Thursday 1 May 2003

Scottish business success - destroyed by politicians

The financial services industry is the most important in Scotland. It was reported yesterday that we are now the second largest financial centre in Europe. Now, though, the Royal Bank of Scotland is playing down its Scottish identity. The Royal's boss said that:
People associate Scotland with whisky, tartan, bagpipes, and golf. People pigeonhole us, and that was pretty accurate up until a few years ago.
I don't think that's the real reason for the change. How about this comment:
One Scottish insurance executive was quoted: "Scottish in the past has been sold to the consumer as denoting assiduous accumulators of wealth. There was a glow associated with investing with Scottish money managers. Now the customer may well see Scottish as meaning small-minded, governed differently, parochial, anti-English and losers. The brand is no longer associated with success."
How I hate what our the socialist political class has done to this country.