Friday 2 May 2003

Notes made during the night

BBC Scotland's political reporter, Brian Taylor, said that the people were totally scunnered with party politics. They were looking for alternatives.

The pundits said that the party leaders were increasing their own personal votes as a result of their high-profiles (the "halo" effect). But Jim Wallace, the Lib Dem leader, promptly lost half his vote from last time, although he did manage to retain his seat. Did Jim (the outgoing Justice Minister) suffer from a perceived softness on crime?

How was Tory leader David McLetchie able to (surprisingly?) win the first-past-the-post seat of Edinburgh Pentlands, thus overthrowing a senior Labour cabinet minister? (McLetchie had been previously elected as a "list" MSP.)
(a) He has performed well as Tory leader but was unknown four years ago?
(b) He fought against the proposed Edinburgh road congestion charge, which would have especially affected people in Pentlands?
(c) The proposed increase in top-band council taxes would hit hard in Pentlands?
(d) He drinks pints of beer and supports Heart of Midlothian?

Why, at 3am, did the television "experts" still think it likely that the Tories would get fewer seats than the Scottish Socialists although I could see from the declared results that such an outcome was extremely unlikely? (Actual: Tories 18, SSP 6)