Monday 5 May 2003

Left turn?

As a former Marxist himself, George Kerevan understands only too well what has happened:
But having elected a phalanx of dedicated revolutionary Marxists and anti-capitalists into Holyrood, you dear voters are going to have to live with the consequences.
And will that be a socialist paradise funded by high taxation?
Thus Tommy always wants to soak "the rich". Forget the fact the number of millionaires in Scotland is tiny because our economy is imploding. Forget the fact that Scotland already has the biggest state sector in Europe. Forget the fact that Tommy wants to tax not millionaires but the professional middle classes, such as doctors, promoted teachers and university lecturers on whom the public services depend.
This is why we must have fiscal autonomy so that it becomes absolutely clear who are the taxpayers and who are the tax-consumers in the new Scotland. The two thirds of Scots who are homeowners have no class interest in the madness of the SSP. Let's make this apparent before it is too late.

Mr Kerevan points out that:

The SSP has not only Sheridan’s faction, but Tariq Ali’s old International Marxist Group (now called the ISG). Then there is the larger Socialist Workers Party, which provides a lot of the SSP strength in the Edinburgh area. If you voted for the SSP thinking they were supporters of Scottish independence, think on this. The ISG is part of the Fourth International and under its external control from Paris. The SWP takes its orders from a political committee in London.
Controlled from London, indeed! May I offer some advice to the Scottish Conservatives? The Scottish Nationalists used to annoy the hell out of Scotland's ruling party by always referring to them (correctly) as "London Labour". The Tories should start describing the Sheridan mob as the "London SSP".