Wednesday 1 November 2006

Is there a Karl McRove?

I've spotted a couple of blogs from Labour councillors.

In this one the leader of Edinburgh City Council has a go at defending a recent spending decision:

I was annoyed (mostly with myself for not seeing it coming), that we found ourselves in a stupid debate lasting 40 minutes at the Council meeting on 26th Oct over chairs for the council chamber! Every building needs to have furniture that meets its requirements. Ours is a historic building that needs furniture that reflects both is design and its role as a place of civic pride and decision-making. That costs more money than your average seat in your home or in a hall somewhere.
I'm no fan of Councillor Aitken, but he's making a reasonable point.

But (and there's always a but with the Labour party) consider the blog of Councillor Terry Kelly of Paisley:

My ward is Whitesbridge, Fischer, Baronscourt and Ferguslie. ( Ward 3 ) I'm a Socialist who believes in equality, peace and the redistribution of wealth, I oppose Racism, Sexism, Sectarianism, Nationalism and any kind of discrimination. Best wishes for a Socialist future.
What appears on this website are my personal views and opinions. Not those of the Labour Party, Renfrewshire Council or anyone else, mine only
This site is so full of comic book Marxism that I wonder whether it's the work another party. Perhaps the SNP has a Karl McRove writing this sort of thing:
So the SNP ! still in bed with the American Mormon bigots, supporting the Glasgow firemen homophobic bigots, attacking the gay and lesbian community on adoption and gay marriage. Let's get serious here, SNP MSP's Brian Adam, Roseanna Cunningham and Fergus Ewing, homophobes all, are still spinning around within the SNP. Why is Salmond so quite about this scandal ? my guess is that, just like his fear of the monarchy issue, he's a coward. Meanwhile the Cllrs. ousted by the SNP because of their commitment to independence Martin and Vassie continue to stand up to the Renfrewshier SNP bullies led by Cllr. MacKay, that's another Nat mess !
Or is the awful truth that many Labour councillors really are like that?

(UPDATE: Devil's Kitchen covers this too.)

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David Farrer said...

Comments made on previous template:

Councillor Rayleen Kelly
Thank you for visiting my page and your comments, please come again. Glad to see you are enjoying it, however, next time you may want to actually comment on the posts and the content instead of the personal and petty attacks that you post here, have some courage identify yourself and post a comment on the blog!

1 November 2006, 22:08:22 GMT
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David Farrer
And Ms Kelly has some orange-coloured fish that are named after Celtic players! 
You couldn't make it up.

1 November 2006, 22:00:24 GMT
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David Farrer
I'll be having nightmares tonight! 
But keep it coming Mr Holiday.

1 November 2006, 21:55:01 GMT
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Too much! Too much! She also has a blog! 
(Sorry David - I don't want to fill your comments like this, but the world of Scottish local cooncillors is too fantastically horrible to turn away from. I promise I'll stop now)

1 November 2006, 21:52:42 GMT
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Yes, I suspected as much - Rayleen shares her father's level of intellect: 
Her article on the ban on smoking is well thought out and clearly articulated. I can almost hear her shouting at me as I read it... 
Also her council page:

1 November 2006, 21:45:16 GMT
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My wife was at school with one of this fool's daughters - he has been an arse for years. Being a good socialist he lived in a large three storey house, with a piano in the front room (a room 'kept good' in fine Scottish tradition. 
One of his other daughters,Raileen (sp?) is also a cooncilor, and I expect shows the same level of sophisticated thinking.

1 November 2006, 21:16:54 GMT
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james higham
After reading that, one wonders. then again, Glasgow councillors have a pretty shaky reputation so why not these?

1 November 2006, 10:57:19 GMT