Friday 17 November 2006

Not in my name

I've never owned a slave and I object to Tony Blair's "rush to apologise". Why doesn't he emphasise Britain's role in opposing the slave trade? That's what a real Prime Minister would be doing. All of this nonsense is coming from a man who makes us work for him for almost half of the year.

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David Farrer said...

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I am with Dave Farrer on this, Blair doesn't represent me in anything and certainly hasn't been given a mandate to apologise for something that was dead and buried centurios before I was born. 
Perhaps he would like to apologise to Germany for us giving the Nazia a bloody nose and the French for Agincourt whilst he is at it. 
Shame he doesn't do something more positive about the present day slave trade in Africa and the sex slave trade in eastern europe. 
But then he would probably upset someone wouldn't he  

19 November 2006, 22:11:39 GMT
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Will the descendents of the native black african slave traders be rushing to apologise for their part in the slave trade?Or is it too politically incorrect to mention them?

19 November 2006, 20:59:09 GMT
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Neil Craig
You can't apologise for something you weren't involved in or I would apologise for Graham Norton. 
Doubtless in a generation or so, when it becomes convenient, Bliar's successor will apologise for ethnicly cleansing kosovo & invading Iraq.

18 November 2006, 17:25:56 GMT
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Bipolar Mo
Mr Blair is now so right wing I'm surprised he isn't suggesting reintroducing slavery for asylum seekers.

17 November 2006, 21:41:18 GMT