Monday 27 December 2004

Are you reading this Miss Downie?

Miss Downie taught the English class at Ayr Academy and would be shocked to learn that I have won a poetry contest!

In the Scottish domestic politics section (extra merit award):

To save our NHS
I'd wager, at a guess
We should convert the numptorium
Into a new sanatorium.

David Farrer at Freedom and Whisky

Thanks to Arthur's Seat for this most welcome news.


David Farrer said...

Comments made on previous template:

Grom wot I remeber (hic) Miss Downie handed out Communist lterature and bags of buns at the door.....

9 June 2008, 20:38:14 GMT+01:00
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No, it wasnt a typo. I'm pretty sure my assistant, Dr Google, would be glad to help.

30 December 2004, 13:03:00 GMT
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Andrew Duffin
rebbiker - "sciolistic" ?? 
Was that a typo? 
If not can you please explain, for the benefit of the ignorant?

30 December 2004, 12:09:56 GMT
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Paul Lewis
Dear, dear, Stewart Dickson, 
Boy, does he hate critics, son. 
Free speech, his particular bete noir, 
Each time he hears it, frothing he shouts, "I'll sue ya".

30 December 2004, 09:47:44 GMT
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It would seem churlish to refuse the opportunity to remind Dickson that David Farrer has never banned any worthwhile commentator from his blog.Of course Dickson's usual unimaginative response is to be expected from that sciolistic mind, as is his impudent presumption that his whining plea for the cessation of free comment might conceivably be entertained.Dickson's latest pathetic moan thus joins the great and glorious dunghill of his own supernal self-righteousness.

29 December 2004, 23:34:05 GMT
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David Farrer, 
Are you glad to be publishing racist material from rebbiker and defamation from Paul Lewis? 
Does it give you a nice warm feeling as you go to bed to be assisting in the distribution of spite, ignorance and evil. 
Is that what it means to be a libertarian: giving life-blood to the scum of the earth? Take responsibility man.

29 December 2004, 19:19:16 GMT
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You ain't worth the waste of breath.

29 December 2004, 19:00:06 GMT
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Paul Lewis
Freedom and Whisky, 
Has become rather risky. 
Advocating the salvation of the NHS, 
Isn't it the NHS that has got us into this mess?

29 December 2004, 15:30:10 GMT
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Paul Lewis
On the Clerihew. 
I stand corrected see it should only be four lines long.

29 December 2004, 15:25:16 GMT
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David Farrer said...

Paul Lewis
Stuart: "Rebbiker is a..." 
What is this to do with my post? Today I posted from different computer. The cookie monster did not know my correct details, as a result my post was inserted as 'Anonymous'. 
Noted: your attempt to confuse the the issue at hand. 
Stuart: "..You are slandering a mainstream, democratic, centrist political party.." 
Show me the slander. Incidently, I think you mean libel. I pointed out that the party is socialist, and nationalist. Those two characteristics seem to me to be beyond dispute. 
One needs only to look at the Web site to asertain the former, and the its name to confirm the latter. You wish to dispute these things? 
Democracy is no defence, as it has often been the vehicle totatitarians use to obtain power. 
Noted: your reluctance to discuss the issues and attempts to avoid same with threats and wild accusations. 
Now, I am quite happy to discuss the merits of David's poem, it seems to me to be constructed of a heroic quatrain, but the metre is not quite satisfactory. Although I don't think I could do better. The real test might be if we could have a few additonal stanzas. 
But you insist on turning this into a political discussion! 
By the way, Congratulations to David on winning.

29 December 2004, 15:01:24 GMT
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-"they have been utterly ineffective for years" 
A tad unfair. For a start there would not be a Scottish Parliament if it were not for decades of a growing number of SNP voters threatening Labour's dominance of Scottish politics. The slow historical decline of the Labour vote (and thus influence) is solely down to the SNP. 
I will not attempt to explain away the SNPs lacklustre performance of the last 5 years. I am a bit perplexed myself as to why a party that was so vigorous without many elected representatives should suddenly be so peely wally once achieving significant numbers of parliamentarians. 
It must largely be put down to sheer inexperience. Luckily they have learned the hard way (which is often the best way), and look a lot fitter under Sturgeon. 
I entirely accept your comments about Mike Russell and Andrew Wilson. Although I think Russell over-rated, Wilson was (and still is) undoubtedly a star. I only hope he has not been scunnered for life.

29 December 2004, 14:15:55 GMT
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David Farrer said...

Rebbiker is a well known far-right commenter on this blog, with a record of incitement to racial hatred (see his posts of last two months). He has nothing to do with me or the SNP or indeed Scotland or even Europe. Indeed he calls himself a "conservative" - America is welcome to him. 
-"I am drawing to your attention certain characteristics which are worthy of note" 
No you are not. You are slandering a mainstream, democratic, centrist political party and by extension the Scots who support it (and many who do not support it but would find your slander disgraceful). The last time I heard that particular piece of slander was many years ago from a Labour MP. They have since learnt better than to go down that method of attack.

29 December 2004, 14:01:56 GMT
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David Malloch
"I am surprised by the inclusion of James Douglas Hamilton MSP in David Malloch's list" 
I am not the slightest bit interested in who hates him. I did look at the list of MSP's on the parliaments website and searched in vain for a Labour and Lib Dem person to include, and I did consider Susan Deacon (Lab), but in the end didn't think her suitable. 
"There is a grain of truth in that" 
A grain of truth! Geeza break mon, they have been utterly ineffective for years! 
Its all very well to go on about how bad the Tories are, but it is not the Tories who are the main opposition party. They are merely a fringe party, and I am puzzled as to why your post emphasises their poor performance, it can hardly be an excuse for the dismal SNP performance.

29 December 2004, 11:34:49 GMT
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Stewart: " seriously calling either me, or the SNP, 'totalitarian' or 'diabolic';.." 
I am drawing to your attention certain characteristics which are worthy of note, then inviting you to draw your own conclusions.  
Stewart: "....due to the low proportion of F&W readers who are Scots, live in Scotland, or know anything about our country." 
Then, as if by magic, we have a lament for the lack of racial purity of the Scots volk. 
You couldn't make it up!!

29 December 2004, 10:28:58 GMT
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'could be bid' should of course read 'could bid'

28 December 2004, 23:58:05 GMT