Monday 20 December 2004

The brothers fall out

Westminster Labour doesn't think too much of its comrades in Holyrood:
In a devastating attack, Labour peer Lord Sewel said the Scottish Executive always seemed to be populated by the same few ministers who were constantly being rotated like "re-treads" because of a dearth of talent on the back-benches.
It's not only Lord Sewel who holds this opinion, as this quote demonstrates:
Another Labour politician, who did not want to be named, said: "The gap between the two parliaments is immense. I mean, who would you want running your economy, Gordon Brown or Tom McCabe?
The answer I would give to that question is: neither. And it may even be preferable for the economy to be "run" by Mr McCabe who would probably be less skilful at ripping off the productive people than Gordon Brown. The real point is that both Holyrood and Westminster do too much. Once we have reduced state activity to a more appropriate level full time politicians won't be necessary. On that happy day it will be possible for people with real jobs to spare a small amount of their time taking part in government.

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David Farrer said...

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Andrew Duffin
Sewel's suggestion in his piece that the First Minister should be allowed to appoint ministers who are not MSP's, ought to send a shiver down everyone's spine. 
Can you imagine the sort of failed Lanarkshire cooncillors and Trade Union goodthinkers who would end up in positions of power? 
It makes even Tony's cronys in the house of Lords look palatable. 
No, No, No!

20 December 2004, 12:35:28 GMT