Wednesday 29 December 2004

This blog

For exceedingly geekish reasons to do with the XML feed I have had to go back over every single entry made over the past two and a bit years. There remains a little amount of work to complete before I am entirely happy with the historical postings but the end of this task is nigh. One thing I've learned is not to allow "the system" to generate file references for digital photographs unless you want a rather stylish photo of the sadly unsuccessful applicant for the position of BBC Chair:

to suddenly be replaced by one of a regimental demonstrator:

The life of a blogger can be lonely and sometimes one even wonders if it's all worthwhile. But looking back over the 1,281 entries since April 2002 makes me feel just a wee bit proud of what I've done. And so it's onward into a New Year with many more postings to follow.

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