Saturday 18 December 2004

Don't DEL

Responding to my posting about the Scottish Parliament building, Stuart called for a separate Scottish Civil Service:
Whitehall continue to run Scotland in just the same distant, arrogant way that they have since the Treaty of Union was signed by our bunch of rogues.
Today I read that the Civil Service is preparing for the introduction of the Freedom of Information Act:
MILLIONS of e-mails to civil servants at the heart of government will be automatically wiped on Monday, 11 days before freedom of information laws come into force.

The Cabinet Office, which supports the Prime Minister and co-ordinates policy across government, has ruled that e-mails more than three months old must be deleted from December 20, The Times has learnt.

When ID cards were first being mooted Scottish Ministers insisted that the cards wouldn't be necessary for access to devolved services such as health. The reasoning was that the Executive was in favour of freedom and open government. I wonder what would happen if Scotland's rulers were to order our civil servants to disobey Whitehall orders and refrain from deleting e-mails.

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David Farrer said...

Comment made on previous template:

-"if Scotland's rulers were to order our civil servants to disobey Whitehall" 
Pigs might fly.

19 December 2004, 09:50:24 GMT