Wednesday 1 December 2004

Is it possible...

...that this cultural masterpiece has been created without the aid of the Culture Minister? Surely not.

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David Farrer said...

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'Is this competition rigged?' is not only an exquisite example of Dicksonian projection but also a tautologically obvious indication of his criminal intellect. More please.

7 December 2004, 15:30:31 GMT
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-"only the second butcher in the six-year history of the event to win the coveted title" 
I didn't realise that pie-making skills were so concentrated in the hands of two grand masters. 
Is this "competition" rigged (like "Car of the Year" and all these other industry promotional tools.)

6 December 2004, 09:54:02 GMT
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David Farrer
Not me guv. 
I went to the Oxford Bar at lunchtime and they were sold out of pies!

2 December 2004, 20:19:20 GMT
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Andrew Duffin
Farrer ate all the pies!

2 December 2004, 12:33:13 GMT
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David Farrer
I have reserved for myself the position of "Minister of Pies" when the first libertarian administration is formed at Holyrood. Pie subsidies for ministers will be the sole remaining function of government. All Freedom and Whisky commenters will be appointed honorary junior ministers for the purposes of pie allocation. 
It may, on occasion and in the interest of party discipline, be necessary for the Minister to say: "You'll have had your pie." (Edinburgh in-joke)

1 December 2004, 21:51:34 GMT
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Long live the private sector! 
Am I allowed to eat my dripping pej in an enclosed public space? 
There are few points on which I agree with our head of state elect, King Charles III, but the strong merit of mutton is one of them.

1 December 2004, 18:50:28 GMT