Friday 31 December 2004

A welcome Viking intervention

The economy of the Highlands is precarious at the best of times and I was pleased to read about this rescue:
A vital business in the Highlands, which supplies Scotland's salmon farming industry, has been saved from the threat of closure by Norwegian-owned Scottish Sea Farms.
I can't help wondering if the success of Norwegian-owned fishing companies has just a wee bit to do with that country's non-membership of the EU.

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David Farrer said...

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Arthur's Seat
Sadly, in this particular case it is more to do with the large government subsidies given to the Norwegian salmon farming industry, and the unwillingness of our financial institutions to provide working capital to well run Scottish companies...

3 January 2005, 17:49:12 GMT
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Andrew Ian Dodge
No, couldn't be! Norway is suffering terribly from not being under the yoke of the Brussels. I mean how could not want to be part of the wonderful club that is the EU?

31 December 2004, 12:20:14 GMT