Saturday 18 December 2004

This gentleman... sceptical about the global warming scam.

He knows what he is talking about - his name is Frost.

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David Farrer said...

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Sharon Ferguson
On December 24, about 9:00 pm US Central Standard Time, in the Texas Gulf Coast region southwest of Houston, a record snowfall of 9-12 inches created a white Christmas scene throughout the many towns from Lake Jackson down to Victoria that had not been seen in well over 100 years. This in a region that often experiences degrees Fahrenheit in the 70s and 80s on Christmas Day! 
Damn that global warming!

4 January 2005, 10:41:02 GMT
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Andrew Duffin
In this case it's not the libertarians who are indulging in scare-mongering. 
And why the scare-quotes anyway?

20 December 2004, 12:43:16 GMT
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David calls it a "global warming scam", but as Mr Frost rightly points out the majority scientific opinion is that "the warming of the climate is caused by increases in the atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases." 
Even the minority of scientists who disagree have never claimed that the majority consensus constitutes a "scam" ("an illegal plan for making money" according to freesearch's dictionary). Yet another example of extremist "libertarian" scare-mongering.

20 December 2004, 07:19:58 GMT
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Neil Craig
I think his accusation is that the entire media (& indeed almost the entire UK political class) has a pro-Luddite bias 
I think he's proveably right.

19 December 2004, 11:24:27 GMT
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Mr Frost is not very clear in his accusation of bias. Is he claiming that The Scotsman is pro-Green? 
That would be news to the SGP.

19 December 2004, 09:53:06 GMT