Wednesday 8 December 2004


Neil Craig had another letter published yesterday.

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Roland Watson
Nuclear power "sustainable for the next 4.5 billion years ..."??? 
The letter writer cannot be seriously referring to current fission-powered stations. Uranium is fairly abundant, but if all oil/gas consumption was replaced by fission, I doubt it would last a few more decades. 
Or perhaps he is alluding to the as yet harnessed fusion power? If mankind could get this wild beast under control, it would indeed usher in a new era of cheap energy. 
Unfortunately, it seems to be a long way off.

23 December 2004, 13:59:51 GMT
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Neil Craig
Sweden's referendum gave 3 options: 
1) Oppose nuclear - no new reactors. 
2) Oppose nuclear - close all reactors asap. 
3) Oppose nuclear - close all reactors tomorrow. 
The Swedes voted to oppose nuclear in the least silly option.  
Don't mention this to Tony, not with a Euro referendum promised. 
The relationship between Sweden & Finland, & between us & France is busy proving that the countries that produce nuclear power are going to end up owning the countries that refuse to - & will deserve to.

9 December 2004, 19:19:36 GMT
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Sweden appears to be seriously regretting their referendum decision to abolish nuclear, many years ago. 
Several parties have changed their tune, and the powerful trades unions too. Why should Sweden decommission nuclear, just to import Finnish electricity - produced by, guess what, nuclear power stations. 
Public opinion is divided, but any referendum today would probably produce a different outcome.

8 December 2004, 10:38:20 GMT