Friday 31 December 2004

New Year's Honours List

And the top award goes to Michael Howard who has been made a Knight Commander of the Blairite Empire for services to the destruction of the Conservative Party. Sadly, a few of Mr Howard's colleagues aren't quite on message yet:
SENIOR members of the Conservative front-bench cast doubt yesterday on the party’s policy of supporting government plans for national identity cards.
And there are even a few reactionary holdouts on the tax question:
some front-benchers want Mr Howard to promise to cut taxes if he becomes prime minister
But don't worry about your job as Lecturer in Underwater Basket Weaving:
MICHAEL Howard will today play down hopes among some leading Tory politicians that he will fight next year’s general election on a platform of sweeping tax cuts.
Phew, that's a relief.

And Sir Michael won't have to worry about any more of those tiresome elections, will he? After next May's formalities we can look forward to the speedy implementation of the Civil Contingencies Act and the last Tory leader can enjoy a well-earned sinecure as Gauleiter of Lower Kent.

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David Farrer said...

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I'm not so sure Howard is being stupid - hes appealing to the centre, not his core vote. 
What I find harder to understand is why there is'nt more commaradarie on the right - it seems some would prefer to btich for 5 more years under labor than actually have a conservative government.

6 January 2005, 21:34:19 GMT
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Neil Craig
The way the electoral arithmetic pans out it is likely that Bliar will get a Parliamentary majority if he gets only as much as 1/3rd of the popular vote. 
< > let me play electoral roulette happily.  
I'm not sure whether the Tory leaders, in still supporting FTPT, are pig-headed, blindly optimistic that the system will some come back round in their favour, stupid or selling out for a gaulietership. I don't believe they are acting out of principle.

5 January 2005, 00:29:55 GMT