Thursday 23 December 2004

The armed blogger

This was taken when I was thinner, hairier, but no less militant.

Should the justice minister be reading, I would point out that my wife took the photograph in Utah, not Edinburgh.

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David Farrer said...

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Dickson, his mind sodden with degrading egalitarian superstitions,seems to suffer from some form of infantile paralysis of the cerebrum. He is just another of the glassy-eyed suckers who has bought into the leftist myths sold in his native Glasgow and elsewhere by the swindlers ,saboteurs and dolts who pass for political leaders. You had better get offline and back to work in order to pay the wildly expensive welfare benefits and incarceration costs of your Third World immigrants, the financial burden of which the obediently bovine taxpayers of Scotland must meet.

24 December 2004, 23:21:43 GMT
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I am relieved and delighted to discover that rebbiker is not (as he earlier implied) a European conservative, for he is a pustule on the fair face of his country. 
It is interesting to note how some non-indigenous Americans, who are by definition the product of recent immigration, are so ready to kick the ladder away from fellow newcomers. 
European conservatism has gone up a notch in my esteem. America is welcome to him.

24 December 2004, 20:11:27 GMT
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I see you opted for more usual spelling of moustache.

24 December 2004, 20:04:14 GMT
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David Farrer
The somewhat depleted hair is now cut shorter and neater but, in the tradition of my father, grandfather and uncle, the moustache remains.

24 December 2004, 10:13:12 GMT
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Why do left-wingers like Michael Foot, Arthur Scargill, Neil Kinnock, John Pilger, et al have dodgy haircuts? There are not many issues on which I'm at one with that Nabob of Nitwittery, Dickson, and spelling innate in his fashion isnt one of them. The gun looks fine and you may need it if you go out in the woods because recently in Wisconsin some crazy immigrant Hmong from Laos shot a bunch of hunters who asked him to get off private land owned by one of them. It seemed that this stone-age tribesman from Asia was unclear on the concept of private land ownership. Brits should be allowed to own guns and this lack of freedom is simply another indication of the disgusting socialist nature of your government.

24 December 2004, 00:06:19 GMT
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I bet somewhere near one million photographs exactly like that one have been taken in Utah.

23 December 2004, 19:39:02 GMT
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Andrew Ian Dodge
Yeah that mustache is pretty dodgy looking. Nice gun however.

23 December 2004, 13:16:40 GMT
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That is a seriously worrying photograph. 
I may have to re-consider reading your prose. 
Please tell us you have ditched that moustache. There are not many issues on which I am at one with Margaret Thatcher, but inate distrust of men with facial hair (and cheap barbers)is one of them. 
Why do right-wingers always have dodgy haircuts? Is it the modern equivalent of the dodgy handshake, except you can spot each other across a crowded room and prepare for braying intercourse?

23 December 2004, 12:46:02 GMT