Monday 18 April 2005

But what about the windmills?

It's not that often that I can agree with at least some of the ideas expressed by a trade union, but how about this:
Amicus, the largest energy union, is worried Scottish power stations will be unable to cope with demand from homes and industry.
The union isn't blaming "capitalism" as one might expect:
Amicus blames several factors including European directives which will reduce the lives of power stations, the end of the nuclear power programme and an increasing reliance on gas supplies from abroad.
I realise that these guys are primarily interested in their own members' jobs - and nothing wrong with that - but it's good to see a concern about what EU regulations can do to those jobs as well as understanding the danger of winding down our nuclear programme.

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David Farrer said...

Comments made on previous template:

"Say what you like about Stalin, Lenin & Marx - nobody was more committed to growth." That'll be the Lenin who so cocked up his country that he had to accept famine relief from the West?

22 April 2005, 15:22:18 GMT+01:00
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Neil Craig
Once upon a time, before Thatcher, socialists were industrial trades unionists (granted committed to getting as much as possible out of it but why not) & were committed to economic progress. Say what you like about Stalin, Lenin & Marx - nobody was more committed to growth. 
Nowdays the vanguard of the revolution have never had a real job & push windmills, organic carrots & the smoking police.

20 April 2005, 22:43:46 GMT+01:00