Wednesday 13 April 2005

I get a little bit carried away

I was walking along Lothian Road this afternoon near to the head offices of Standard Life, Scottish Widows and various other financial institutions. Suddenly a vast crowd of white-collar workers poured into the street and headed into Festival Square. They were being marshalled by people in fluorescent jackets and a police car was standing by. My God, I thought – they’re going on strike. I enjoy having a bit of an intellectual confrontation now and again and I was just about ready to tell them to get back to work otherwise their jobs would be outsourced to Bangalore, I would withdraw all of my investments and, worse, write a blog about them.

It turned out to be a fire alarm…

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Are you sure that they hadn't just got kicked out of Bottoms Up?
15 April 2005, 01:55:14 GMT+01:00