Sunday 17 April 2005

Intelligent tramps

It's good to see public servants using a bit of initiative:
TOP Scottish tourist destinations are being protected from al-Qaeda attack by anti-terror police disguised as tramps.
I do wonder though whether the intelligence services have noticed some highly suspicious characters whom I suspect are using disguises themselves.

For a start, what about this chap who claims to be some sort of "Liberal". We can all see through his disguise.

Then there's someone disguising himself as a conservative for no apparent reason. On second thoughts, I suppose that he does plan to conserve the tax policies of Tony Blair.

Who's Tony Blair you might ask. You could ask this gentleman who may remember young Tony from the old days when the two of them successfully disguised themselves as allies.

Finally, this man is probably another master of disguise but is unlikely to be exposed, as he is a good friend of the chief of British intelligence.

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