Saturday 23 April 2005

The Campaign continues

I decided to take a stroll downtown today and have another go with the renovated camera. Proceeding through the Grassmarket I came across a small group of Labour party canvassers. It seemed a rather odd place to be vote hunting given that the street was full of tourists from France, Italy, China and the US, not to mention the usual hen parties from Newcastle. The politicos were pleased when I confessed to being a local. “We’re canvassing on behalf of Gavin Strang,” was the message. “Is that him over there?” I asked. This was a silly question as he was the only person in Edinburgh wearing a suit today on this very warm and sunny morning. The large red rosette was a bit of a giveaway too. I didn’t give my full analysis but limited myself to pointing out that the country is facing the mother of all financial crises and that I hoped that Gordon Brown would be in charge when the sh*t hits the fan. Once again, this wasn’t something the Labour team had heard before but telling them what’s what fairly sets one up for the lunchtime pint.

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David Farrer
The short answer: A worldwide misallocation of capital caused by the fiat monetary system leading to a housing and stock market bubble. Then we have the widespread pension under-provision in both Europe and the US. (Keep watching General Motors). Take a look at this site and listen to the weekend broadcast. For a more academic approach, look at

24 April 2005, 21:55:45 GMT+01:00
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Stuart Dickson
What, exactly, is the nature of your anticipated "... mother of all financial crises... ". 
You have me worried. The poor souls that I owe money to may go out of business and hence cancel the debt. I must rush to pay off all outstanding loans as swiftly as possible.

23 April 2005, 20:53:31 GMT+01:00