Thursday 21 April 2005

I get an e-mail

Dear Esteemed Sir,

May I take this opportunity to introduce myself? I am the Finance Minister of a major oil-producing nation in West Africa Europe, and I have a problem that I am sure you can help me solve. Rumours are sweeping my country that there may be an attempted coup d’etat early next month. Although I am formally entitled Finance Minister, in reality I successfully run the country in its entirety. The nominal leader of the government is merely a figurehead. The problem is, Dear Sir, that the nominal leader is expected to make a bid for total power on 5th May. If successful, he would install one of his henchmen in my place to the detriment of the peasants and toiling masses of our beloved nation. And so, Dear Sir, I ask for your help.

Would you kindly send, by return, full details of your bank account and I shall immediately wire you the sum of $1 trillion. Once the coup has been defeated you may send the cash back to me keeping a 10% commission for your help in this matter. I can assure you, Dear Sir, that your commission will be free of any income tax, national insurance, council tax, VAT, corporation tax, excise duty, inheritance tax or any other such deduction that has temporarily escaped my mind.

I look forward to receiving your most speedy reply.

With my best wishes,
His Excellency,
Flight Lieutenant Gordon Brown, DFC & Public Bar.

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David Farrer said...

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Haha, nice one mate. I scanned through it and thought "what's so different about this one, I've had loads of them". Then I saw the name at the bottom and read it again properly. Trés drole as they say in Telford. :D

29 April 2005, 23:37:31 GMT+01:00
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Actually close to one I received recently, but no brown or blair on it

22 April 2005, 22:13:03 GMT+01:00
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Was he writing on behalf of The Scottish Raj?

22 April 2005, 16:57:43 GMT+01:00
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Neil Craig
Not the nominal leader but the nominal actual leader since the actual nominal leader is the one that missed her son's wedding. 
Very funny - I had to look at this twice before seeing what it said.

21 April 2005, 22:48:05 GMT+01:00