Monday 18 April 2005

Sound money in Minnesota

When a friend went through security at Minneapolis Airport on Saturday evening the scanning machine set off an alarm. It was triggered by some coins and a bunch of keys. The security man was very interested in one of the keys, the likes of which he hadn't seen before although it looks perfectly normal to me. He was told that it was a key for some French windows. Eventually he accepted that it was safe to go onto the plane. I can only presume that the US Government is worried about French keys!

The TSA operative was intrigued by the coins that had also affected his machine. My friend pointed out that some of them were from his collection of genuine silver US coins and that these were made of sterner stuff than today's government counterfeits. The security man was happy with that explanation and said: "It's a good idea to have some of those at hand - you never know what a future government might do. I've bought some gold coins for my own children."

So at least one lowly member of the US public sector understands basic economics. Perhaps he should be made Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

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Rob Read
I think that showing that you have planned for the future is rather a good demonstation that you intend to complete the flight...

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