Tuesday 12 April 2005

Free the Birmingham Four

That’s what their supporters have been demanding for years. But Britain’s most famous prisoners still languish in Belmarsh high security prison as befits the despicable crime that shocked the civilised world. For twenty years now public opinion has stood resolutely against an early release and the new directly elected Appeals Court will surely show no mercy.

At first, the “Four” thought that they had got away with their dastardly plot. But when some voices in the BBC cast doubt on the 2005 election result the game was up. It had gradually dawned on the great and the good that an election in which every single vote went to the Labour party just might be a tad suspicious. Even the editor of the Guardian started to wonder a bit when both of his chauffeurs insisted that they had voted Tory.

And so the general strike that followed the 2005 election result led to the arrest, trial and imprisonment of the Birmingham Four.

Blair, Brown, Straw and Campbell: the British people will never forget that stolen election.

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Neil Craig
The British people will always remember how our good friends in the US under President Bush II & the EU, following on their support for opposition parties in Ukraine, Georgia & Yugoslavia, declared fraud in the UK election to be "more clear & more one sided" & gave full support to democracy.

It must be admitted that the general strike did not solve all problems & for many years after Conservatives complained that the decision to carry out the next election on a proportional basis deprived them of the massive majority to which their 35% of the vote entitled them.
12 April 2005, 23:15:00 GMT+01:00