Friday 29 April 2005

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Do have a look at Neil Craig's blog today.

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David Farrer said...

Comments made on previous template:

"has went up" may be legit Scots in the sense of Glasgow dialect, but it's not the Scots I spoke in the playground. To our ears it would have been just more evidence that the Glaswegians were troglodytes.

2 May 2005, 11:08:00 GMT+01:00
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Neil Craig
Fair enough. 
Looking up my dictionary "it's" as possessive form was standard during the 19th C but not now (presumeably as shortening of "it is" became common). Unfortunately the OED isn't online for free but this from an advertisement for it "Oxford English Dictionary, ... 
An excellent British English dictionary known for it's accurate and" means it is either legitimate, if archaic, or the OED sellers made a mistake too. I guess I am just a grammatical conservative. 
Fairness to the next leader of Glasgow Council requires that I also point out that some of those promoting the Scots language insist that "spending has went up" is linguistic Scots. I think that is silly but then I think water is wet so what do I know?

1 May 2005, 11:05:11 GMT+01:00
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David Farrer
I think that it's the it's instead of its.

30 April 2005, 20:25:00 GMT+01:00
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Neil Craig
Looking at this again I am quite willing to say that calling Glasgow's governors "unique" was overstating it (Airdrie & Coatbridge for example seem to be as bad tho'on a smaller scale) but I'm sorry but I don't see the grammatical error hear. Please explain.

30 April 2005, 18:46:39 GMT+01:00
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dave t
Hear hear....errm?

29 April 2005, 13:45:34 GMT+01:00
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Andrew Duffin
Uh huh. Neil's own syntax is a bit rusty too, by the look of things. 
Nit Picker

29 April 2005, 12:56:58 GMT+01:00