Wednesday 20 April 2005

No surprise here

The Scottish Standard has started firing staff:
The Standard’s initial print run was 50,000, but one insider claimed that had dropped "to below 20,000".
An insider said: "The atmosphere is bad and everyone is looking around for other jobs.
I really wished the Standard well: the independence movement is large enough to have at least one newspaper on its side. But what a sad offering it was is. For a start, I question the decision to come out on Wednesdays. Most newspaper readers get into a regular habit. For example, I buy the Scotsman from Monday to Friday and read the Herald, Times and Telegraph online. On Saturday I get the Scotsman, Herald and FT. Sunday sees me buying Scotland on Sunday and the Sunday Times. Surely it would have been better for the Standard to come out on Saturday or Sunday - days when readers' habits are different from weekdays. But the publication day isn't the main problem.

I bought the first three issues of the Standard and I'm afraid that what I wrote here wasn't restricted to the first one:

Yes we had the SNP leader calling for a cut in corporation tax but the rest of the paper could have been written by an off-the-shelf, first-year-undergraduate, leftist cliche generator. If Scotland is to become independent the bills will be paid by the mass of middle class folk who work in the private sector. They're unlikely to be convinced by the first issue of this new paper.
The Standard is full of the depressing socialist nonsense that is so harmful to Scotland. Yes I know that the Herald is almost as bad, but at least we can read Jack McLean on Saturdays. Jack is clearly a libertarian who has yet to come out of the closet.

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David Farrer said...

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David Malloch
I am a little surprised at Reid joining the SNP, I would have thought he was a supporter of the SSP comedy sextet. What does he think of Salmonds policy of cutting corporation tax to stimulate economic growth? I would expect a man like Reid to be grumbling about shareholders (boo! hiss!) getting rich, and would expect him to prefer a corporation tax rate of around 100%. 
But I am also a little puzzled by the SNP’s enthusiasm at landing such a red fish, for surely if you are trying to portray your party as one which the business community can take seriously, and which will prioritise economic growth in Scotland, you could hardly pick a worse man!  
In fact I believe Reid was a member of the SSP. The SSP's Heid Bummer had his silly politics exposed on a recent TV interview with the Scotch Paxman a few nights ago. Brewer called his policies ‘Soviet’ to which Foxy Colin objected as if it were some kind of insult, but then a few moments later agreed that the label was justified but he preferred to use the term ‘public ownership’ rather than ‘Soviet’  
So you can see the kind of people who float oor Jimmy’s boat.

21 April 2005, 14:49:25 GMT+01:00
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Arthur's Seat
Jimmy Reid joining the SNP says it all - he is quoted as saying that "the SNP is a social democratic party - it adheres to the values that the Labour movement was based on". So, no cutting corporation tax then, and Prof Laffer's curve can be put away.

21 April 2005, 12:32:21 GMT+01:00