Sunday 24 April 2005

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I found this very interesting site, which deals with the housing bubble in the US.
(See here for comments on the British market. )

A few days ago I added The Bag of Bears to my blogroll.

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28 April 2005, 16:39:50 GMT+01:00
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Neil Craig
Interesting to see the yanks have the same problem since they have more land per person & somewhat less regulation than here. 
My position remains that so long as government stops us using new land & mass production off site building methods we will continue to build less than 1% (ie replacement) & there is no risk of a long term house price crash. Massive spikes in prices are a sign of a market where demand does not effect supply. 
I have no doubt that if the technological progress shown in car manufacturing over the last century were allowed to be used in the building industry houses would cost well under 1/2 the present amount (& be a lot less draughty). On the other hand the effect on the credit economy would be frightful. On the 3rd hand when it settled we would have a lot morespare income.

25 April 2005, 20:31:01 GMT+01:00