Wednesday 1 December 2004

A simple explanation

To some, it's a bit of a mystery: Why are the "big names" not selling?
Famous publishers are paying vast sums for so-called "big books" that wind up very quickly in the remainder shops. Meanwhile, the best-seller lists are topped by perfectly-formed, unprepossessing volumes from small independent firms that can hardly believe their good fortune
Surely the reasons are obvious, and they're not to do with the size of the publisher. Consider who's not selling:
Rageh Omaar - pinko BBC reporter

Jon Snow - pinko Channel 4 newsreader

Greg Dyke - pinko BBC boss (deposed)

And who is selling:
Lynne Truss - who offers first aid to victims of the NuLab education system

Jordan - a creation that no government could conceivably produce

Alexander McCall Smith - creator of The Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency whose heroine is a paragon of the libertarian virtues, among which is an uncanny ability to catch criminals (often pinkos)

The market has spoken. We don't want to read about pinkos or their worldview.


David Farrer said...

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Squander Two
Is the word "pinko" now being used to avoid those tiresome arguments about whether or not there are any socialists in Europe? Are they really pinkos, or might they officially be pinkle democrats, d'you think?

10 December 2004, 14:33:18 GMT
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Nigel Holland
The evil orientalist at LGF noticed some dodgy goings on with Borders a while back

9 December 2004, 17:51:26 GMT
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Ted Rall is slightly taller and,although unsurprisingly, I dont share his Leftist weltschaung,I do like his faux-cubist style of artwork.Cox and Forkum are hard to beat.

7 December 2004, 21:38:27 GMT
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Moore? I saw some Moore books in an end-cap display in Borders in Boston last night (erm, Borders is a mammoth US bookstore chain). So they're not gone. Five weeks ago that store had very little in prominent display spots *but* anti-Bush books. They've lost much of that focus since the election.  
Instapundit ran a picture of Michael Moore DVDs in a reduced-price bin in Tennessee shortly after the election.  
rebbiker, you sound like Ted Rall.

7 December 2004, 18:32:25 GMT
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john b
I read somewhere that US bookstores cleared them off the shelves within hours of GWB's re-election. 
What, in anticipation of a secret service crackdown?

7 December 2004, 17:11:18 GMT
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David Farrer
I noticed a lot of Michael Moore books in Borders in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps - as dave t suggests - this is because no one is buying them but I read somewhere that US bookstores cleared them off the shelves within hours of GWB's re-election.

6 December 2004, 10:46:01 GMT
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David Farrer said...

In the book market, like most markets, you will find a rich diversity of tastes. 
As you "libertarians" are so fond of pointing out: there are a hell of a lot of left-of-centre people out there. They are hardly likely to invest their cash in right-wing ranters. 
Variety is the spice of life.

6 December 2004, 09:58:57 GMT
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You would have to be a complete Dickson not to appreciate the inclusion of 'Tonguetied' and 'ifeminists' in the Fox News Website.The BBC on the other hand has the PC mania of Chairman MAO.The BBC provides tearful coverage of that hellhole Africa (pass Feargal Keane another box of Kleenex) without ever mentioning what morons (literally) Africans are. According to Profs Lynn and Vanhanen, in their book 'IQ and the Wealth of Nations, average African IQ is an almost Dicksonian 70.

5 December 2004, 20:31:22 GMT
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Dear Andrew Ian 
I have conducyed a wee survey to attempt to answer your query. There were only two repondents who owned up to watching Fox. 
100% of the sample were morons. There is a margin of error of +/-99.9%, so it is hard to draw conclusions; but what we can say with certainty is that at least two Fox viwers are moronic. 
I hope this has been a useful research exercise. My invoice will be despatched forthwith.

5 December 2004, 12:43:24 GMT
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Watch the BBC. These gullible Lefties thought Union Carbide was about to deluge a bunch of Indians with cash.

5 December 2004, 04:08:34 GMT
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Andrew Ian Dodge
Yes, of course I watch Fox, as well the Beeb, Sky and other news outlets.

3 December 2004, 13:51:30 GMT
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Neil Craig
Jordan as an example of what the free market produces?  
Personally I would think she is more the triumph of hi-tech but then that's my particular lodestone.

2 December 2004, 21:05:10 GMT
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Scott at Blithering Bunny
I watch Fox. But then I a mooron who kan't reed, so Ize not good example. (Hadda get Mumm help rite thiz post, she nod doo brite eiver hur hur).

2 December 2004, 20:20:34 GMT
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In order to assist formulating an answer to your question, may I first ask: 
-Do you watch Fox, Andrew Ian?

2 December 2004, 13:20:39 GMT
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Andrew Ian Dodge
Wow Stuart how very drool. All Fox viewers are morons right?

2 December 2004, 13:06:22 GMT